Tax on Investments

Effective investments can also provide tax effective results.

If terms like franking credits, franked dividends, capital gains and trust distributions make your head spin at tax time, you’re not alone. Taxation of investments can be complicated. Our expert team of tax accountants are here to help you get the most from your investment portfolio.

Getting to grips with taxation law for investments may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s definitely one of our favourite things. Our experienced tax accountants can help you sort the franking credits from the capital gains. Whether you have a share portfolio, managed fund, overseas investments or receive trust distributions, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure you’re reporting the correct information and receiving any tax credits you are entitled to.

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How we can help:

  • Correctly reporting and claiming franking credits
  • Calculating tax consequences of trust distributions, including managed funds
  • Ensuring you’re reporting capital gains and losses correctly at tax time, including from managed funds
  • Working out the potential impact of capital gains on your upcoming tax return
  • Accounting for overseas investments and associated income including foreign income tax offsets.

Income or gains you make on your investments are usually considered part of taxable income. Expenses you incur acquiring or maintaining your investments are generally tax-deductible. We’ll get into the detail of your investments to make sure you don’t pay more tax than you have to.

If you own shares and have received dividends during the year, you may have franking credits. The Australian dividend imputation system allows the use of franking credits as tax offsets, reducing your tax liabilities or increasing your refund. We’ll make sure you get the most out of your franking credit entitlements.

Capital gains tax is applied when you sell an investment for more than you paid for it. The amount of tax you will pay on the gain depends on a number of factors including how long you owned the asset for, your marginal tax rate and whether you sustained any capital losses during the same financial period. We can help you to calculate anticipated CGT implications if you’re considering selling an asset and also ensure you’re reporting your capital gains correctly at tax time.

Distributions from managed funds can include Australian and foreign income, tax-free amounts, tax-deferred amounts and associated credits, all of which have different tax implications for investors. There are also capital gains tax implications for the gains and losses made by the fund. Use an expert to get it right so that you don’t pay unnecessary amounts of tax or receive a fine for not paying enough.

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